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A House for Doris

I created this “house” for my mother, who grew up in poverty in the 1930s and 40s. During the depression, she boarded with others as a matter of survival. This cobbled together box is comprised of detritus from homes my mother lived in as an...

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Keys to Open the Beginning Before the End

This piece contains keys to unlock our memories and connections to the beginning. The keys are composed of bits of organic detritus that have been smoothed by the tides, wind, earth, and time. These elements are combined with antique skeleton keys through an electroplating process....

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Home (land) Birth (place)

This is a long white truce flag that is shared by inextricably linked peoples (Israelis and Palestinians) and contested land. The piece resembles a shroud that is composed mainly of old white handkerchiefs (historically used as truce flags), white baby t-shirts and other white pieces...

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Beth Krensky sculpture


My work sanctifies the natural world. It is intended to provoke reflection about what is happening in our environment and to create a vision of what is possible. Wish consists of wands created out of detritus collected on beaches, mountain paths, urban streets and in the...

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Skirt of Sorrow and Forgiveness

Skirt of Sorrow and Forgiveness is a skirt I created out of my wedding dress crinoline and my father’s old handkerchiefs. The metal letters sewn on to the skirt read: Yellow circle of light Laughing Wailing Twirling with the sun. A return to flight.   The piece harkens to different times of...

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Keys For House That Are No More

This series was created with the intention of creating a key for a home that, for whatever reason -- destruction, desolation, the need for its inhabitants to shift suddenly across borders -- no longer exists; the keys are meant to be held....

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These staffs -- made of olive wood sourced from old trees in Bethlehem, and anointed with oil I compounded based on the Old Testament Book of Exodus -- pretty much conform to my own scale. Each is topped with a different form/symbol in bronze (a...

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Beth Krensky Portable Altar

Portable Altar

Much in the way that young children pull wheeled toys behind them, this portable altar is meant to follow participants on their sojourns. It is made from bronze and topped with a taxidermied (dead) bird, which, in turned, is pinioned with copper wires. Copper is a...

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Beth Krensky Portable Reliquary

Portable Reliquary

To create this piece, I took apart a child's wagon and topped it with a bird cage -- the bottom of which is lined with copper. I then filled it with feathers. The door to the cage is open; but a 'cage' (captivity) can also be...

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Sun Funnel

Sometimes my work, no matter how heartfelt, takes on a humorous note -- and I like that. These funnels, made of bronze and lined with gold leaf, are meant to capture the sun, and hence (or rather, subsequently), to be worn on the top of...

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