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“Beth Krensky metaphorically travels to [her] ancestral well and plucks out what is most relevant. What she finds varies, from stories and objects to images and personas. She reinvents her respective cultural and ethnic milieus.…Eventually the things or detritus she has collected conjure up parables/stories that become infused with icon-like gravitas. These icons in new contexts create a space for teaching and learning…[as well as] templates for survival, if and when the ground underneath shifts yet again.”
— Doris Bittar

“With open-ended guidelines and a light footprint, Krensky offers a model for artist-driven environmental activism in the realm of lived practice….[she] highlights the way that meditative practice can transform humble objects and anonymous spaces into meaningful places.”
— Benjamin Coleman, Associate Curator of American Art, Detroit Institute of Art

baptismal of tears performance2


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