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Jewish Art Salon

The Jewish Art Salon is an international artists & scholars community that promotes understanding and appreciation of contemporary Jewish visual art. It is the largest, most-recognized Jewish visual art organization in the world. Beth Krensky has been a Fellow with the Jewish Art Salon since...

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Art Nauts

ArtNauts   They take off for outer spaces (a.k.a. the margins) where angels are in short supply, filling gaps that shouldn't be there, speaking out where few can or will. What an incredible record. Lucy Lippard   Beth Krensky is one of the founding members of the international artist collective, the...

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Three Walls on Wednesdays

I was one of seventeen international artists selected to participate in curator Blanka Amezkua’s collaborative, moveable, temporary new prototype of public art in Athens, Greece.My piece is part of a larger series of portable sanctuaries that are intended to respond to the natural or built...

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