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Dispatch from Solitude #1: Walking the Unknown Path

My performance is about traversing a path with an unknown route or destination. It explores how to navigate unchartered places or experiences, much like we are doing in this current pandemic. It is our walking that creates the path into the unknown. I walk on...

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Make Me A Sanctuary

  And let them make Me a sanctuary, that I may dwell among them. – Exodus 25   I performed this portable tent on a desolate shore along the Great Salt Lake. The wearable tent is made from sewn together old domestic cloth that is held up by...

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When I Was Younger I Could Fly

This performance references a childhood memory of flying and the literal and figurative loss of flight I have experienced as I’ve gotten older. It is a longing to return to that state of levity....

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Float Away

This kite consists of sewn together articles of my mother’s clothing. I performed the kite in solitude along the shores of the Great Salt Lake where the salinity reminded me of tears. I flew the kite in the axis mundi—the space between earth and heaven—in...

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This is a solitary performance done as a reflection on life and death. It is an homage to my mother, who has always offered food as an act of love. My tablecloth, laden with family china filled with birdseed, is unfurled upon the salt and...

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Home (land) Birth (place) Performance

This is a long white truce flag that is shared by inextricably linked peoples (Israelis and Palestinians) and contested land. The piece resembles a shroud that is composed mainly of old white handkerchiefs (historically used as truce flags), white baby t-shirts and other white pieces...

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Skirt of Sorrow and Forgiveness

In this performance, I am in an open expanse at the Great Salt Lake, twirling and wearing my Skirt of Sorrow and Forgiveness. The piece is about the physical and emotional journeys we take with those closest to us. The text on the skirt reads: Yellow...

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Metaphysical Handcart

I see this work as being 'walked,' slowly, down barren streets; that said, I, myself have performed it on the Salt Flats—a wide expanse of whiteness and nothingness near the Great Salt Lake. As the Cart makes its way through a landscape, everything it holds jiggles...

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Beth Krensky Sun Funnel

Sun Funnel

Sometimes my work, no matter how heartfelt, takes on a humorous note -- and I like that. These funnels, made of bronze and lined with gold leaf, are meant to capture the sun, and hence (or rather, subsequently), to be worn on the top of...

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Shroud/Shawl was collectively created by numerous people. It consists of sewn together pieces of domestic cloth from my grandmothers (linen napkins, table cloths and handkerchiefs). It is intended to be both a shawl (for comfort, protection and remembrance) and a shroud (to bury the dead)....

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