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Home (land) Birth (place)

Home (land) Birth (place)

This is a long white truce flag that is shared by inextricably linked peoples (Israelis and Palestinians) and contested land. The piece resembles a shroud that is composed mainly of old white handkerchiefs (historically used as truce flags), white baby t-shirts and other white pieces of cloth (linen napkins, pieces of domestic cloth). It is attached to two flag poles (olive wood branches from olive trees that were pulled up to build the wall between Israel and the Palestinian Territories) and has text burned into each olive wood stick. The quotes on each stick are from mothers who have each lost a child because of Israeli/Palestinian violence.

One quote is by Nurid Peled-El Hanan from Jerusalem…

For me the struggle is not between Palestinians and Israelis, nor between Jews and Arabs.  The fight is between those who seek peace and those who seek war.  My people are those who seek peace.


The other is by Hanan Lubadeh from Nablus…

I’ve known Israeli bereaved mothers for many years. The mothers’ pain is similar, no matter if they are Israeli or Palestinian. It does not matter whether she is from Nablus, Shoafat, Rosh Pinah or Nof Ayalon. The pain is seared into us and will be with us forever.