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Keys For House That Are No More

This series was created with the intention of creating a key for a home that, for whatever reason -- destruction, desolation, the need for its inhabitants to shift suddenly across borders -- no longer exists; the keys are meant to be held....

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These staffs -- made of olive wood sourced from old trees in Bethlehem, and anointed with oil I compounded based on the Old Testament Book of Exodus -- pretty much conform to my own scale. Each is topped with a different form/symbol in bronze (a...

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Beth Krensky Portable Altar

Portable Altar

Much in the way that young children pull wheeled toys behind them, this portable altar is meant to follow participants on their sojourns. It is made from bronze and topped with a taxidermied (dead) bird, which, in turned, is pinioned with copper wires. Copper is a...

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Beth Krensky Portable Reliquary

Portable Reliquary

To create this piece, I took apart a child's wagon and topped it with a bird cage -- the bottom of which is lined with copper. I then filled it with feathers. The door to the cage is open; but a 'cage' (captivity) can also be...

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Sun Funnel

Sometimes my work, no matter how heartfelt, takes on a humorous note -- and I like that. These funnels, made of bronze and lined with gold leaf, are meant to capture the sun, and hence (or rather, subsequently), to be worn on the top of...

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Portable Sanctuary #1

This object, complete with leather straps—and the 23rd Psalm engraved on the seat of an old classroom chair made of oak—is intended to be 'wandered' or carried on one's back, much like a backpack. To perform it, I have fitted it on my own back,...

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Metaphysical Handcart

I see this work as being 'walked,' slowly, down barren streets; that said, I, myself have performed it on the Salt Flats—a wide expanse of whiteness and nothingness near the Great Salt Lake.   As the Cart makes its way through a landscape, everything it holds jiggles...

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Where Lies The Border Between Us

These two biblical figures, the mothers of Judaism and Islam, prompt me to consider the questions: Are there physical houses, if so, where are the borders? In this time and place, in whose house do I stand? And why? And what does that mean? I...

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Bridge III

The piece is about crossing and bridging divides. It is about “re-membering,” or putting something back together. The sticks can represent fragments of something disparate, or fragments that can be connected in some way to create a bridge. Wood is used to symbolize kindling for...

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