Keys to Open the Beginning Before the End - Beth Krensky
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Keys to Open the Beginning Before the End

Keys to Open the Beginning Before the End

This piece contains keys to unlock our memories and connections to the beginning. The keys are composed of bits of organic detritus that have been smoothed by the tides, wind, earth, and time. These elements are combined with antique skeleton keys through an electroplating process. They are a reminder of what has come before us and what may be there after our demise. Scientific data supports that we are in the middle of a 6th mass extinction on earth[1] due to the actions of humans. Perhaps these keys can open our connection to the planet that we might save it, and us. If you had a key that could open anything, what would you unlock?



[1] Rosenberg, K. et. al. (2019) Decline of North American Avifauna, In Science, 19 Sep 2019 • Vol 366, Issue 6461 • pp. 120-124





Organic detritus, skeleton keys, copper, gold leaf


Each approximately 5” h x 2” w x 2” d

Photo Credit

Amelia Walchli