Sun Funnel - Beth Krensky
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Sun Funnel

Sun Funnel

Sometimes my work, no matter how heartfelt, takes on a humorous note — and I like that. These funnels, made of bronze and lined with gold leaf, are meant to capture the sun, and hence (or rather, subsequently), to be worn on the top of the head.

Having one’s crown chakra exposed in pinpoint to the sun imparts a warming feeling of nurturing to the wearer; but it may well look pretty funny to the observer!

The text inscribed on the rim reads: “bright gaseous orb of oozing flameā€¦bathe me in light.”

I, myself, have sat under the sun, wearing this. I think of what it might be like to be a more basic life form, like a tree; sometimes we, like plants, need to receive the basic Life Force; to be nurtured on a simple and direct way.




Bronze, pigment, gold leaf


10"h x 7"w x 8.25"d