Portable Altar - Beth Krensky
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Portable Altar

Beth Krensky Portable Altar

Portable Altar

Much in the way that young children pull wheeled toys behind them, this portable altar is meant to follow participants on their sojourns. It is made from bronze and topped with a taxidermied (dead) bird, which, in turned, is pinioned with copper wires.

Copper is a material valued for its conductivity (in general, I like to think about the way we might be able to transit between spirit and earth); birds fly — transiting between the sky and land — and hence fulfill a similar ‘conduit-like’ role.

Children, however, walk close to the ground.

With their innocence and youth, are children, in essence, closer than adults to the source of life? Often, they will find a hurt animal and want to bring it home. Theirs is a caring nature, without judgement.




Bronze, gold leaf, taxidermied bird


12.5"h x 17.5"w x 6"d