Metaphysical Handcart - Beth Krensky
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Metaphysical Handcart

Metaphysical Handcart

I see this work as being ‘walked,’ slowly, down barren streets; that said, I, myself have performed it on the Salt Flats—a wide expanse of whiteness and nothingness near the Great Salt Lake.


As the Cart makes its way through a landscape, everything it holds jiggles and moves. There are bronze and brass bells; a bowl (limned with a Hebrew blessing) filled with olive leaves; four dead birds cast in bronze. As they make their jingling and gentle bumping sounds, I feel a sense of a narrow liminality, that the division between Heaven and Earth comes somehow aroused.


I modeled this piece after the hand carts that Mormon pioneers used when they traveled across the country. For me, in our present day, it opens up a new frontier, albeit a metaphysical one: an Other space.




Bronze, brass, steel, olive leaves


42"h x 63"w x 20.5"d