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Beth Krensky Sun Funnel

Sun Funnel

Sometimes my work, no matter how heartfelt, takes on a humorous note -- and I like that. These funnels, made of bronze and lined with gold leaf, are meant to capture the sun, and hence (or rather, subsequently), to be worn on the top of...

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Shroud/Shawl was collectively created by numerous people. It consists of sewn together pieces of domestic cloth from my grandmothers (linen napkins, table cloths and handkerchiefs). It is intended to be both a shawl (for comfort, protection and remembrance) and a shroud (to bury the dead)....

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Tashlich means “casting off” in Hebrew. It is Jewish ritual that takes place during the Jewish New Year (on the second day of Rosh Hashanah) that involves symbolically casting away the sins of the previous year by throwing stones or pieces of bread into a...

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Beth Krensky baptismal of tears performance

Baptismal of Tears

Separatory funnels are typically used in laboratories by chemists to separate layers of liquids; here I use them to contain a mixture of Dead Sea salt (sourced from Israel) and water. Combined, these two elements are the same salinity as human tears. It was my...

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Beth Krensky Portable Sanctuary

Portable Sanctuary #1: Psalm Chair

This object, complete with leather straps—and the 23rd Psalm engraved on the seat of an old classroom chair made of oak—is intended to be 'wandered' or carried on one's back, much like a backpack. To perform it, I have fitted it on my own back,...

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Where is the Road to the Road

The title of this piece is a line from Mahmoud Darwish’s poem, A Noun Sentence. I was especially drawn to the second half of the poem: …Wishing for the present tense a foothold for walking behind me or ahead of me, barefoot. Where is my second road to the...

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