Baptismal of Tears - Beth Krensky
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Baptismal of Tears

Beth Krensky baptismal of tears performance

Baptismal of Tears

Separatory funnels are typically used in laboratories by chemists to separate layers of liquids; here I use them to contain a mixture of Dead Sea salt (sourced from Israel) and water. Combined, these two elements are the same salinity as human tears. It was my intention that these vessels hang outdoors from trees, and that the public move about and below them.


The art of Alchemy — a strange mixture of hard science and otherworldly magic — has long inspired me; but what pushed me to create this piece were the many IV drips I observed during a period of prolonged hospitalization for my father. I wondered: might my tears somehow baptize him and give him new life?


The salt-water mixture drips at the same rate as an IV.




Tooele, Utah