Dispatch from Solitude #1: Walking the Unknown Path - Beth Krensky
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Dispatch from Solitude #1: Walking the Unknown Path

Dispatch from Solitude #1: Walking the Unknown Path

My performance is about traversing a path with an unknown route or destination. It explores how to navigate unchartered places or experiences, much like we are doing in this current pandemic. It is our walking that creates the path into the unknown. I walk on a pilgrimage toward myself, my memories of those who have loved me into existence, nature, and an “other” place. The walk creates and holds space for my fear, courage, isolation, refuge, gratitude and mortality.

The performance takes place in Emigration Canyon, a setting with a rich history of movement and migration—for the Ute People, the Mormon Pioneers and others. I am both walking through Emigration Canyon and the Valley of Death.

I am garbed in protective gear typical for front-line workers during the covid-19 era—a mask and Tyvek suite. Strapped to my back is a chair with the words of the 23rd Psalm burned into its seat. This pandemic has brought the possibility of death to the forefront for many of us. These uncertain times have given me cause to think about what must not be left unsaid before I die.


photos by Cam McLeod

videography by Dylan Totaro




Emigration Canyon, Utah